Can a foreigner own a Bali villas for sale?

Foreigners often dream of buying property in Bali, as the island is a popular holiday destination. But is it realistic for them to make a purchase of land or property on another Bali villas for sale? The answer depends on how the foreigner plans to use the property and where it is located. In Indonesia, renting a property is the easiest and most efficient way for foreigners to live in Bali. As a rule, the lease agreement is concluded for one year and can be extended up to 5 years. In fact, many overseas visitors are accustomed to renting property for extended stays in Bali. If a foreign person plans to purchase real estate for construction, he must apply to the owners of the land in order to obtain the right to own the plot. A foreign person can acquire land through purchase, but this requires special permit documentation from the Indonesian government. There are no restrictions in Indonesian laws on the purchase or lease of land by foreigners, but in order to purchase land for construction, a foreigner needs a special document, it is necessary to submit an application and prove that he has the necessary funds to build a building. You also need to prove that the property will be used to attract investment in the Indonesian economy. In conclusion, we can say that foreigners can purchase and use real estate in Bali, but this requires getting confused by documentary procedures and acquiring the right to own the plot. Indonesian laws make this process difficult, but not impossible. Therefore, a foreigner can purchase a villa in Bali if he is ready to prove that he has sufficient funds and permits.


A private villa can be acquired by a foreign citizen by setting up a foreign enterprise or registering a branch of a foreign company in Indonesia.
Yes, foreign persons can own real estate in Bali, but only when renting land, land or building in Bali, that is, without the right to purchase. The right of ownership from one year to 99 years can be given to foreign persons for designing in Indonesian lands that are acquired for construction in Bali.
Yes, foreign persons can acquire the right to purchase real estate in Bali, rent a plot of land for construction in Bali or purchase by the owner of real estate in Bali, as it has been provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia since 2001.

Can a foreigner own a villa in Bali?

To purchase property in Bali, you must take into account all the rules of Indonesia. On the territory of Bali, the lease of land is limited to a foreign person. That is, a foreigner cannot buy land, but can lease it for a certain period and own real estate built on the leased plot. But in order for a foreigner to be able to build a villa in Bali, it is required to register the right to own land, on which the ownership of real estate built on this site may depend. If a foreign person is interested in buying land and building his property in Bali on it, he needs to apply to the appropriate authority in order to obtain the right to land for a certain year. Thus, a foreigner can own a villa in Bali, but for this it is necessary to comply with all the rules of Indonesia and register the right to own the land of the leased plot for a certain year. But keep in mind that in order to own property in Bali, you need to keep track of all changes in legislation that may affect the purchase and lease of land.

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